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William Tydale’s Example as Important 500 Years Later

Christians should know that speaking truth to power could get them killed, but this should not stop them from speaking it. History shows that when a certain kind of tyranny is in power, the truths that Christians hold dear are attacked, and they have had to decide whether to stand up, or stand down. A lasting legacy of the tyranny of Joseph Biden’s presidency will be the stifling of conservative Christian voices. The tragedy of this reality is that he doesn’t have to put in much effort to snuff out the truths conservatives desire to share, because most of theContinue reading “William Tydale’s Example as Important 500 Years Later”

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A Treatise on Translation

God preserved his perfect Word in many languages throughout the centuries, but his Word has always been under attack by those that would do the will of satan. Persecution has come to those who have translated God’s Word out of a desire for it to be spread abroad to the far reaches of the worldContinue reading “A Treatise on Translation”