Wycliffe Bible Hour #1: The Current Issues With Christianity Today

Join Guests Joshua and Jacob, and Hosts Jeremiah and Atchaya as they discuss the current issues in the Church and the problems that plague Christians at present. These include the subversion of faith in Christ, widespread apostasy, the lack of reading God’s holy Word, and the loss of the love that Christians should have in the Lord God, lost souls, and each other.

John Wycliffe was a man born in the 1300’s who, after becoming a Christian, opposed the Catholic Church for their heretical teachings and apostasy. He argued that the Word of God was supreme above any law of the world, of the pope, and that it stood as the singular guide for Christian truth and conversation, and he was a voice of reason that preached about the problems that Christians faced in his day. He played the largest role in producing the first complete Bible in English in 1378. It is appropriate that he is remembered as a servant of Jesus Christ, as the conversation in Christ that he had 700 years ago continues today.

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