A Treatise Against Pastoral Supremacy

In the age of “Man’s discernment” among Church leaders, it is necessary to retread the Word of God, as it is always necessary in every other case, in order to find examples of exhortation specifically targeting Church leadership. Now, there may be some bias in interpretation among the brethren, but we know “that no prophecyContinue reading “A Treatise Against Pastoral Supremacy”

The Model Christian King: A Treatise On The Faith Of King Alfred The Great

Introduction The Lord Jesus Christ gave his life for his Church and is the true King of kings. On Earth, the Lord established kings to fulfill a role of leading their governed peoples in the way of truth, defending them, and judging criminal malefactors. Traditionally, kings have failed in at least one of these aspects,Continue reading “The Model Christian King: A Treatise On The Faith Of King Alfred The Great”

A Treatise on Translation

God preserved his perfect Word in many languages throughout the centuries, but his Word has always been under attack by those that would do the will of satan. Persecution has come to those who have translated God’s Word out of a desire for it to be spread abroad to the far reaches of the worldContinue reading “A Treatise on Translation”