Wycliffe Bible Hour #2: Divisions in the Church

Listen in as Jeremiah, Atchaya, Joshua, and Jacob discuss what causes divisions in the Church, the reason and use of those divisions, and how those divisions are corrected. This discussion touches upon the effects of pride and heresy, the divisions that are proper and improper, the application of the Word of God in the correctionContinue reading “Wycliffe Bible Hour #2: Divisions in the Church”

Wycliffe Bible Hour #1: The Current Issues With Christianity Today

Join Guests Joshua and Jacob, and Hosts Jeremiah and Atchaya as they discuss the current issues in the Church and the problems that plague Christians at present. These include the subversion of faith in Christ, widespread apostasy, the lack of reading God’s holy Word, and the loss of the love that Christians should have inContinue reading “Wycliffe Bible Hour #1: The Current Issues With Christianity Today”